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How to Join the International Animal Welfare Association:

Thereís strength in numbers. We need all the help we can get. Our battles to defend our animals, our livelihoods, and our industries are all fought with TWO weapons these days - ATTORNEYS AND LOBBYISTS!!! And that takes money! IAWA board members charge NOTHING for the countless hours and thousands of personal dollars they spend getting the job done. All donations are channeled towards our legal and lobbying fees. It is the only tool we need to keep our voices loud and our arguments strong.

Hereís how you can help. If you are an animal owner, an animal company owner or trainer/handler, you are without a doubt benefiting from the efforts of IAWA. PLEASE, do the right thing and support this organization that is working so hard to defend your ability to continue doing business. Click on the link below to download the Adobe PDF application to join IAWA. Fees to join are $25/mo for individuals - trainers/handlers/others and $100/mo for companies. What do you get? Our continued hard work to protect your right to keep doing what you love doing. A guard-dog to assure your industryís interests are not under attack by those who oppose your activities.

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Want to help even more by stepping up to the plate even further? Click on the link below to download the Adobe PDF file for the Company Participation Program Agreement. We are asking all companies in the entertainment industry to add an automatic IAWA fee onto their bid sheets and contract to help finance the protection of our industry. Those who have done it have seen no resistance from their clients and many have received praise for being a part of such an organization. The fee we are charging is a mere $50 for bids less than $1000 and $100 for bids over $1000.  

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Then lastly, there are those who belong to our Special Donor program. They are people who understand and truly believe in the need of IAWA so they donate over and above their monthly contribution to assure the success of IAWA. We canít thank these people enough guarantee to be there for them when they need us!

Please, donít wait till the problem is knocking on your door. Do the right thing and help support our efforts now so youíll have an exemplary history when you need IAWA. You can also help by tapping those on the shoulder that you know should also be members.

Please, help us help you - and your animals!

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