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IAWA - Steve Irwin

It is with great sadness we say farewell to a very special friend to all - especially the animals - Mr. Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter.

It was an honor to any and all who had the distinct pleasure of having known and worked with Steve Irwin. Steve’s legacy will live on forever. Never was a name so well known in more countries, in more languages around the world when the subject was about animals. His high energy enthusiasm and colorful, animated personality was real. It wasn’t just an on-camera show. It was simply and always Steve. His talent with animals was established long before his fame. He was and will always be known as one of the best!

Jim, Gina & Steve

Many members of IAWA have board members Jim & Gina Brockett to thank for having introduced them to Steve Irwin. The Brocketts provided many of their own animals to Steve’s conservation efforts and called upon others to do the same.

Steve worked hard to teach wildlife conservation and he accomplished this task by making it entertaining to his audience. He helped us whenever he could to defend our ability to do so.

Jim Brockett, Vice President IAWA & Gina Brockett, Board Member with Steve

We intend to carry on Steve’s legacy by continuing to do his work the best way we know how. The same way Steve did it! The only way that truly works. Through the combined efforts of entertainment and education.

Jackie & Steve faded
Steve and Charlie 2 faded smlr

Charlie Sammut, President IAWA with Steve

Our hopes and prayers go out to Steve’s wife, Terry and their beautiful children. We extend an open invitation to her to call upon us at any time to help in anyway we can. We will do our best to assure that the door Steve Irwin opened for the salvation of animals will never be closed!

Jackie Navarro, Secretary IAWA with Steve

Steve, Kjosi & Charlie
Steve, Kjosi & Charlie 2

Left: Charlie Sammut with Steve and Kjosi, a King Cheetah. Rt: Charlie,Jim & Gina Brockett enjoy an embracing moment between Steve and “Indy”, a Bengal Tiger. Below: IAWA member Rob Dicely introduces Terry Irwin to his cheetah ambassador.

Rob & Terry Irwin

Steve Irwin was the definition of “hands on”!

Steve Indy Jim  Gina & Charlie  faded sml
Steve and Charlie 1 faded sml

Nothing kept him down for long, nothing kept him from doing what he did best, educating people about animals.

We invite all our members and all who visit our site to visit . Wildlife Warriors is the new name of the conservation based wildlife organization founded and still supported by Steve and Teri Irwin. Without a doubt, a gift to Wildlife Warriors would be the kind of gift Steve would welcome and appreciate in his memory.

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