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International Animal Welfare Association is an international 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization of animal owners, trainers, handlers, educators and enthusiasts dedicated to protecting the rights of legal, responsible and humane animal professions. Our members adhere to a code of ethics and are committed to providing animals humane care at the highest professional level.

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Our goal is to approach all animal related matters in a fashion that protects the health and well-being of the animal as well as the individual rights of the owners and/or handlers.

We welcome the evolution of animal care and husbandry while taking an active role in effecting it. We truly believe that people and animals can coexist in a working environment that is comfortable, humane and enjoyed by both.

IAWA monitors State, Local and Federal legislation that directly or indirectly affects all animal industries. Legislation having a negative impact on those industries is then immediately discussed amongst the board and acted on immediately. Often, we are able to call upon allies such as Teamsters, circus, film and television agencies, zoos, etc. depending on the issue being discussed.

Some we loose, some we win and many we negotiate a happy medium that addresses all concerns but we donít just sit back and let our industry be destroyed by those with hidden agendas and unrealistic goals.

NO BOARD MEMBERS ARE PAID FROM IAWA FUNDS. All time and expenses incurred by members, board members and board officers is donated so that 100% of our memberís donations can be channeled towards legal and lobbying needs.

IAWA recently joined a new legal/lobbying team to represent our interests. We are currently represented by the law firm of:

     Nossaman Guthner Knox Elliott LLP

With offices in L.A., S.F. Orange County., Sacramento, Washington D.C. /Virginia, Seattle, and Austin, our attorney/lobbyist team continues to grow more and more knowledgeable about our industries, our needs and our concerns which enables them to represent us more and more effectively as new issues arise. They are currently assisting us in the completion of our non-profit status as well as keeping a watchful eye on legislation that might affect us.

IAWA also has several veterinarians on board to assist us with animal issues when needed. Our members are encouraged to contact us for referrals if needed.

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